CHANEL Perfection Lumière Velvet Foundation

I love a good ol' bandwagon so I do, so trying out the new CHANEL Perfection Lumière Velvet was an absolute no brainer.  This foundation has received quite the hyped up review, so naturally my spidey-senses were tingling at the thought of a possible new Holy Grail foundation.  

Please excuse the selfie, but look at that base! I absolutely do not have anywhere near perfect skin - however hard I may try, cry cry - but this is honestly just wonderful.  It's glowy and mattifying.  Someone grab me a chair.  And a vodka.

Pictured above: Long-time oily skin fighter Stephanie Reid blows CHANEL a loving kiss.

CHANEL describe it as a 'lightweight second-skin foundation' (yup) and that it 'naturally smoothes and evens out the complexion for a velvety matte makeup result' (double yup).  In fact, just about every claim CHANEL make about this foundation, I whole-heartedly agree with.  It's pretty much a full-blown miracle.

With my butt firmly placed in the my skin's so oily I could probably keep my car running without the need for petrol ever again camp, I'm forever looking for a bloody good mattifying foundation and powder.  And thanks to this wonder product, I think my quest has come to a very satisfying end. Hoo-feckin'-rah.  

The consistency is very thin and almost watery, so a good shakin' is needed before you open the bottle. (Sidenote - how chic is the packaging?! I love plain, classy packaging and this pleases me greatly, gasp).  I've found that best way to apply this is with fingers - just as CHANEL recommend, quelle surprise! 

Ooooooh. Me so sexy.

It blends into the skin pretty damn effortlessly, eventually turning into a beautifully soft, velvety, slightly powdery finish that is so lightweight I can't even feel it.  The coverage starts very light and natural, but is definitely buildable and doesn't cake.  I actually tried to make this cake up and failed miserably.  Pretty damn impressive.  The term 'powdery' may sound a bit like a deal-breaker for some, particularly those on the drier end of the skin type spectrum.  However, it's more of a natural powdery finish.  Not a I've just used my entire collection of powders in one go kinda look.  Saying that, lovers of a dewy glow are probably not going to fall in love with this product.  However, CHANEL have that area already covered with their Vitalumière Aqua foundation. So don't you worry gurl, whatever your skin type, CHANEL's got yo' back.

As a reference, I'm the shade 22.  Pretty pale, so bronzer is my best pal.  The foundation has SPF 15 to protect your skin from the sun's rays, probably not top priority if you live in the UK, but very handy if your other products don't contain any protection. (Scotland has a severe lack of sunshine, but this photo was taken on a rather unexpected sunny day). I recommend you take yourself along to your nearest counter for a trial of this foundation first to ensure you're purchasing the correct colour for your skin tone.  Especially as this badboy is going to set you back about £33.  It is worth it though, I promise.

As I am on the super oily side, I do still use a powder for my T-zone.  very lightly dust this down my nose, chin and forehead when needed, but I find touch-ups are much less frequent than what I'm used to - which is just all kinds of wonderful.   

Have you tried this foundation?  Or is it something you think you'd like to try? Lemme know!


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